An At Home Easter {Peeps Inspired Table & Easter Baskets}

Happy Easter! He is Risen!

In spite of the overwhelmingly sad and uncertain times we are in, I believe in Easter and all of the hope and promise it represents. We missed our family more than ever today, but I was determined to celebrate the joyful occasion of Easter, and make it special and memorable if only for our little foursome. If I’m being very honest, I also did it for me. To feel normal and busy and joyful, and to feel closer to my family by making our traditional dishes.

I made only one purchase for our Easter table this year – the darling Peeps table accents from Hester and Cook. I hadn’t necessarily planned to use them for our Easter feast, but when it slowly became clear it would just be the four of us, I decided to do something cheefrul and whimsical.

I started setting up in the dining room and was overcome with emotion at setting a table for four when we normally gather at least ten. We dine in there often for Sunday suppers, but I felt like doing so today would be a visual reminder of who we were missing. And so, I moved it all to the little kitchen table for an intimate meal.

I used a purple sharpie to add our names on the table accents. I added flowers to my Costco list over a week ago and was relieved they lasted just long enough for the Easter table! Whew!

I deconstructed my Peeps display jar and repurposed the candy in every way I could think of. :-) I shared how I made these in my Instagram stories.

I got a ton of questions about my tablecloth on Instagram. I have the blue-green color and it was $22! It is a fantastic, heavy weight and washs up beautifully. I put it in the dryer only for a few minutes and then hang it over my drying rack to finish. It needs only a very light iron. I typically use it on the porch, which is why it is a big large in here. Although, it worked fine and I’ll definitely use it here again since it all matches!

I mentioned that I prepared all of my family’s usual Easter eats. We started with bunny-tinis and deviled eggs. I made Daddy-O’s gentleman’s wedge salad and Mother’s twice baked potatoes. Mother usually cooks a ham, but when Publix was sold out I ordered a small 4lb boneless one from Honey Baked. I added rolls (that never rose…), green beans and my usual bunny cakelets. I’ll type up and share all of the recipes this week.

Bestie M found me the coveted Lilly Nibbles pattern (2013) at a consignment store back in January. I looked forward to wearing it to Easter festivities for months. Since it was just the four of us at home, I decided to wear it in lieu of the floor length sundress I bought around the same time for today.

UPDATE: All recipes here

After dinner, I hid the boys baskets like always. I had them each a shirt in my stash and had already ordered new swimsuits for the year. Everything else I picked up at Publix. :-)

The boys immediately put their gift cards to use while Honey and I watched Knives Out.

Happy Easter from our family to yours!

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9 thoughts on “An At Home Easter {Peeps Inspired Table & Easter Baskets}

  1. I think most of us tried to make the best of things yesterday as difficult as it was. We watched several online church services and had a small Easter dinner with just my husband and I. It was so hard not seeing our family.. Saturday we visited my Mom and sat outside (over 6 ft apart) talked for over two hours and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

    Your Easter table was so festive and I love the peep namecards! It was nice seeing all the smiling faces at the end of the post. John looks as tall as his Dad now…where does the time go?

  2. Amanda, I have loved your blog for many years. Thank you for the time you take to share. It is ALWAYS a delight. Would you mind sharing the source for the mirror above your settee off of the kitchen-beautiful and so different. Also, I have that same bunny cakelet pan and I had high hopes this year but was so sad when they stuck and also almost had “platforms” on the bottom if that makes sense! Maybe I filled them too much. Any tips? Yours looked like I had hoped mine would!
    Thank you! And keep bringing us joy with your posts!!!

  3. Your table was beautiful!! And you did well with the boy’s baskets. I completely spaced off Easter baskets so had to make do with what my store had, and their bigger goodies are still coming. Happy Easter!

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