Earth Day 2020

Happy 50th Earth Day! We celebrated today in the same manner we have for as many years as I can remember…. by watching the NEW Disney Nature film. For Earth Day 2020, Disney Nature followed African elephant Shani and her herd on their epic journey across the Kalahari Desert from the delta to the river. Over these hundreds of miles back and forth, we learn about the elephant family, their triumphs and tribulations, life and death.

If you’ve never watched a Disney Nature film, I highly, highly recommend them. There are always sad parts, but overall they are uplifting, inspiring and educational. We typically visit the theater to see them on the big screen, but enjoyed Elephant at home on Disney + just as much. <3

Happy Birthday Animal Kingdom

Today is also the 22nd birthday of Animal Kingdom. It is the most beautiful theme park imaginable and I could walk the paths, bridges and lands a thousand more times and likely not notice all of the incredible details. Take a walk in my shoes from this 2017 post:

Finally, as I was putting printed 2019 pictures in an album last week, I was overcome AGAIN with the beauty of Alaska. I am so saddened that many of my client’s Alaska cruises were cancelled this summer. It’s hard to capture the beauty of Alaska with an iPhone, but this photo from Glacier Bay is one of my favorites.

Alaska Adventure | Glacier Bay National Park

Puzzle of the Day

Yesterday’s answer: 14. All circles total 30.

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