Easter in the Den

I’m “hopping” in today with the last little corner of our Easter decor. In the den I set up the banquette with a new Easter puzzle! A friend sent it to me and I immediately fell in love because it brought back memories of our Easter in D.C. a few years ago.

I put the puzzle pieces in Whit’s Easter basket. The trio dish is by Nora Fleming and the bunny straws were from the Target Dollar Spot last year.

We started watching The Office from episode one with the boys (perhaps not totally appropriate for Whit now that we’re into it BUT QUARANTINE) and finished this one up in just a few nights in front of the tv.

We talked so much about our Easter in DC while doing this puzzle. I am more thankful than ever that we always “took the trip”. I never imagined days like this in my wildest dreams. We will travel again and we will put that pin in Colorado one day (our spring break plan). In the meantime, we’ve enjoyed talking about all the amazing places we have been and making lists of so many more to come.

Easter Welcome

Easter in the Kitchen Tour

Easter Entry

That wraps up my mini tour! As for the rest of our Easter, here’s the lineup:

  • Friday – Porch photos, Krispy Kreme delivery, dye eggs
  • Saturday – Glow in the dark egg hunt, decorate cross
  • Sunday – Boys make breakfast, 10:30 AM online mass, Easter basket scavenger hunt, “linner” (what my fam calls the big holiday meal time that falls between lunch and dinner)

I will miss my family like crazy, but having Easter to look forward to has been more meaningful than ever this year!

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4 thoughts on “Easter in the Den

  1. I love that puzzle! I’ve lived just outside of DC my entire life and I’ve never been to the White House Easter Egg Roll. My boy’s stepmom won tickets in the lottery for this year and the two of us were going to take the two boys but it’s been cancelled. My older son ages out after this year :sobs: Times are wild.

  2. Your “The Office…BUT QUARANTINE” comment made me laugh! I was in that boat many years back. We had evacuated because of a hurricane. I finally let my children watch an episode of “Honey Boo Boo”. Unfortunately the episode was about teenage pregnancy. 😬. Now it is a funny memory and my kids like to tease me about it. 😄

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