May the Fourth Be With You {Star Wars Day Dinner Boba Fettuccine, Chewbacca Chicken & More}

May the Fourth has been one of our favorite days of the year for an “at home” celebration for as long as I can remember! We’ve done all sorts of snacks, treats and dinners over the years.

I went through bookshelves, bedrooms and closets to gather up the table decor. Our weather has been amazing, so I set up on the porch and had the Star Wars iconic music playing.

The place settings were simple, put together using things I had. One of the easiest additions to any Star Wars celebration is blue milk! Mine is nothing more than a drop of food coloring in plain milk.

At the ages my kids are, they really appreciate a good meal. As I was menu planning for the week, it struck me that I could theme an old stand-by for this evening’s festivities. Take a gander at Boba Fettuccine and Chewbacca Chicken!

I prepared the chicken per the recipe. I cooked the bacon until it was almost done but still flexible and wrapped it around the chicken a la Chewy’s belt. I then popped the chicken in the oven at 350, covered with foil, for a few minutes to crisp up the bacon.

It turned out really cute!

For dessert, I just happened on these Millennium Falcon ice cream sandwiches at Publix a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t been able to buy flour since early March, but ice cream is no issue. :-)

They were quite tasty and a big hit! The family, of course, requested them again but I have only seen them at the store that one time I purchased them. On this week’s run there wasn’t even a space for them in the freezer case anymore.

It was a fun, memorable night for sure! Now, it’s time to gear up for Cinco de May tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “May the Fourth Be With You {Star Wars Day Dinner Boba Fettuccine, Chewbacca Chicken & More}

  1. I’ve had to order pantry items from and has flour, sugar, salt, pepper and what’s impossible to find in my area, cinnamon! Surprisingly, everything was packaged very well. Flour and sugar were in plastic bags and zip-tied shut. I was impressed they went the extra step. I also ordered laundry detergent, rice, Godiva chocolate chips for baking (which my kids noticed the difference and loved!) etc…. everything packaged very well.

    I keep a running list in my target App and when I hit $35 for the free shipping I place my order. Hope that helps :-)

  2. I believe the millennium falcon ice cream sandwiches were limited edition coming out in anticipation of May 4th. We also got them and I have seen them in stores as of yesterday so maybe they did well enough to continue. I always enjoy seeing your special day celebrations. Thanks for sharing.

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