A Patriotic Welcome

I absolutely love patriotic decor! I think there’s nothing better than a house flying the stars and stripes.

I have used the same buntings and smaller flags for quite a few years. I store all of this in a closet in the garage and it really doesn’t take up a lot of room there. The sun was rising in this picture and it sure does make our grass look green!

The darling firecracker door hanger is from Bronwyn Hanahan. I love all of her pieces for every occasion throughout the year. I’ve been putting flags in my ferns ever since I saw Martha Stewart do it probably 15 years ago.

The new white paint sure looks pretty with the flags! And the green shrubs pop even more.

Elsa Belle was, of course, present for this morning photos.

I also have my monogram anchor on the friend’s entry.  You can see all the details for how I made it in THIS POST

I didn’t decorate the porch this year because we have an overhaul happening in the back yard. We also typically have a huge party on the fourth and fireworks on the golf course, but will skip those festivities this year. I ultimately decided to just do a little more inside this year.

I hope you are having a great week. My work has been a doozie and I’m ready for the weekend stat!

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4 thoughts on “A Patriotic Welcome

  1. Your home looks so festive! Do you have a good source for the bunting? My usual source debated retiring during the pandemic, and came to final decision when her store got burned during one of the riots.

    The ones I’ve seen in box stores look kind of plasticky and cheap.

  2. Always love your patriotic decor – you inspired me to up my game several years ago with flags and buntings, and I so enjoy it every year! xo

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