Summer Doors

I’ve got my fun, fishy Bronwyn Hanahan door hanger back out front to welcome summer. After months of lovely, mild weather, this week is a scorcher.

I love the colorful fish and have used it for quite a few summers in a row at this point. I added some annuals to either side of the entry sidewalk this year and love how they look.

I potted the ferns back before Easter and cannot figure out why the one on the right looks so sad. I keep thinking it will perk up but so far that hasn’t panned out.

We’ve been more attentive to our yard this spring than ever before. This past week John transplanted a bunch of things from the back to the front island bed.

Over at the side door I have Mr. Crab Leg – a DIY project of Mother’s.  I love his cheerful pop of color on the blue door.

You can find our exterior paint colors here:

Have a good one…

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7 thoughts on “Summer Doors

  1. The new house paint color is just so classic and southern. It really changed and updated the look of the house. Great choice. I know you are pleased with it.
    In your previous post you mentioned how eclectic your neighborhood is. We are in the same situation. I remember when my kids were little I often longingly looked at a friend’s home in town where all the homes were built at the same time with a more cohesive look, but as I have aged I love nothing more than ours. It is a blending over time of different looks and the landscaping is mature. Anyway, I am so glad we stayed and didn’t move.

  2. Me. Crab Leg is my favorite… but, I say that every year!

    Everything is looking just lovely, friend! xo

  3. Have you checked to see that the sad fern is draining properly? It might need a skewer stuck through the hole in the bottom. House looks beautiful!

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