The Delightful Home {Exterior, Paint Colors + Landscape}

I noted last month here on the blog and on Instagram that we were repainting our house! Well, the work is done and we are SO happy with it.

Exterior 2009 – 2013

This is what our home looked like when we purchased it in 2009.  (Minus the paint swatches I had already started testing when I took this “before” pic.)

Exterior 2013 – 2020

This was how it looked until a couple of weeks ago. In this round, we added all of the porticos, updated the porch, painted and landscaped.

Exterior 2020

We had really hoped that the paint would last MUCH longer than it actually did. In reality, it was peeling off in many places and falling off in sheets in a few. Our house is constructed of cedar siding and we knew we had to fix this before it started rotting. We worked with Certa Pro painters to get to the bottom of our problem. In the end, they scraped, sanded, replaced wood rot with never-rot material, and “painted” the house with a solid color stain rather than your traditional exterior paint.

While I loved the original colors, I hated to spend a bunch of money on paint and not see a large and visible difference. I used most of the same colors and simply switched up where they were on the house! I lightened the shade of blue on the doors and swapped the shutter and siding colors.

Curb Appeal Project Before and Afters 2009 to 2020




(Umbrella broke in a storm. I have not yet found a replacement at this small size.)

Back Porch

February 2012 512



More details:
The Garage
Landscaping and Updated Landscaping
Southern Porch
Contractor – Shawn Reuter / SLR Construction / 706-254-0231
Painter – CertaPro Painters
Exterior Lighting – Concord 1, 2 and 3 light sconces from Ballard Designs
Garage Lighting – All Weather Gooseneck by Barn Light Electric

One thing I have learned over the past 11 years here is to WAIT on renovations until you have lived in the space for a while, know exactly what you want, and can afford to do it the way you want it. We never spent money on band-aid fixes, no matter how awful the space was. (Remember the four of us sharing one bathroom with no tub and one sink for years?? HA!) It has taken ALL of the past 11 years to get where we are with the exterior, kitchen, bathrooms, porch, basement and decor. We have just one last, bucket list project coming soon!!!

The Delightful Home {Dixie Delights Home Tour}

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20 thoughts on “The Delightful Home {Exterior, Paint Colors + Landscape}

  1. I love it! It looks so fresh and pretty (although I did like the most recent before pic too!). You guys have a LOT of space!! Is that a water fountain the back yard?

  2. I love it! It looks so bright and crisp. Y’all have done an awesome job over the years. Kudos for being patient and waiting until you can afford/get what you want instead of jumping in too quickly and regretting projects. I’ve done that a time or two!!
    So glad things are slowly opening up. I have missed the parks in Orlando!

  3. Hey! Can you remind me about the screening that Honey used for your porch? I think i’m going to tackle our master bedroom porch! Thanks! Your new colors look amazing! It makes the house look much bigger and so fresh!

    1. Thank you so much! You know what? I think you’re right! The house does look bigger! The screens are from Home Depot. Called Phifer UltraVue Black Insect Screen.

  4. Amanda, where did you find that well raised garden bed? With my degenerative disc disease in my lower back, getting low to the ground is not something I can do regularly and trying to garden with the deck railing planters can only take you so far. I would love to have ones about that height to be able to grow more things. (I have a feeling you are going to say Honey built them for you)

    Have a blessed weekend!

    (Love the new house colors… makes me want to repaint my shutters and front door!)

    1. Thank you so much! I found them at wal mart a few years ago. They have held up really well!

  5. You’ve done an outstanding job and it is all lovely! Your planters on the deck stairs are perfect. 🌿🌿🌿

    The only thing I can imagine you are dreaming up would be to have your own pool and/or a grilling area. Hmmm… can’t wait to see what happens! 😊 You’re always full of surprises!

    Relax and enjoy your BEAUTIFUL summer! 🏖🇺🇸🥍⛳🍉

  6. The new colors make your house stand out so nicely! Its so crisp and bright. You gave some great advice about being patient and not rushing into home renos or improvements until you can afford to do it correctly and the way you want it otherwise you will regret it in the long run. I have always admired your screen porch addition and gorgeous fireplace. Its so beautifully designed. Cant wait to find our what’s on the bucket list. I made a few guesses and I keep thinking a pool but then I also know you have a pool in your neighborhood. Guess we will have to wait to find out…LOL.

  7. Wow! What an amazing transformation especially from the 1st yard & house pics to now. Even the in between was beautiful, but there’s just something about that bright white house. It belongs at Disney! Very dreamy & beautiful. So fresh! Love how u changed the porches from the original. Good grief, it never ceases to amaze me how small changes, not inexpensive ones necessarily 😂 but details, can make such a transformation. The paint colors are beautiful, but without the portico & side door overhang, the impact wouldn’t have come close. Did u redo the whole porch? I assume so. I’m referring to the columns, too. We redid only columns (2) at our old house, & it was life changing to me. I waited a few years to do it thinking it was silly to spend what it would cost to make such a small change, but I went w my gut & was right. It made a huge impact on the look of our house. Anyway, I know you’re glad you did all of this, but I just had to also say GREAT JOB!👏 PS I found you through Leah Bailey. She’s a friend of mine & has helped me w my house some. Saw your post about the tabby pillows. I’m @butterflydecal on insta. So if u see clicks & likes, that’s me.😄

    1. Thank you so much! Yes it is crazy how small changes make such a big impact! We redid the wraps around the columns and the pitch of the original front porch. Even the old ceiling of it was unchanged. I’ll follow along on insta! xo

  8. May you please tell me the lounger chairs that you have around your pool?
    They are the brown colored ones. thank you so much!!!

    1. They were from the Frontgate Outlet. If you have one near you, you can get on a waitlist so you don’t have to go stalk them every week. They are called the Balencia lounge chairs.

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