Third Time’s a Charm {Before & After}

The third time’s a charm when it comes to my garage doors.  Case in point…

Look 1: The original garage door was a beastly, forty year old solid wood door… until I backed into it a couple of years back and knocked it off its track.  I’m not gonna lie and say I wasn’t excited about it.  Here’s the look when we bought the place.

February 2011 001 (3)

Look 2: The new faux carriage style doors were definitely better. But really… looking back I’m thinking I was a little over-zealous when I proclaimed them “a significant improvement to the overall curb appeal of our abode”.   I mean, it was exciting and all, but there was still plenty to do.

February 2011 010 (5)

Look 3: And finally, four years later, I am beyond thrilled to share the look we’ve been working towards since taking ownership of the place!!  I had the garage door painted to match the wood siding – in Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.  And I am probably most excited about the new lighting.  There is a recessed light in the portico and we also added two black barn lights!!  They are the All Weather Gooseneck from Barn Light Electric in black with a straight arm:

All Weather Gooseneck Farm Light Wall Mount BLE-G-AUS-PC.  Shade size 15″, Finish 100-Black; G16 Straight Arm.
 July 2013 188 copy
 July 2013 169 copy

As y’all know, we also had a portico built over the side door, and the old door replaced with a standard 15-light door.  I found the house numbers in an antique store on our annual visit with bestie R in New Orleans last year.

May 2013 466 copy

Here are all of the new exterior paint colors:
In addition to the paint, lighting and portico, I shared this spruced up corner of the driveway earlier this spring.

July 2013 150 copy

And the crown jewel of the garage is actually what’s inside…  see all the details here!

May 2013 473 copy

There is one small thing left on the list for the entire Curb Appeal Project. I can’t wait to share!!

Flattered for the feature at Barn Light Electric!

22 thoughts on “Third Time’s a Charm {Before & After}

  1. I just have to show my husband these pics! Your garage doors look beautiful! We still have our originals and are definitely in need of a makeover. I also love your side door. What a welcoming entry!

  2. Georg!! Such an inspiration as we are about to close on our new home, and I can't wait to get my hands on it! I will definitely be contacting your contractor for a bid because one of the major projects is ripping out the deck and having a large sun porch built, as well as porticos built over the front and side doors!!

  3. Amazing. We have to paint this year. Love the colors you chose. Would love to replace our old heavy wooden door as well. We shall see.

  4. Oh my word what a huge difference.


    I absolutely ADORE your portico and new door and colour – it made the hugest diffference – along with the carriage garage door – hard to even believe that original "before" and "now" is the same place. HURRAH!!!

  5. Who thought I would swoon over a garage?! But I seriously am…love the overall color scheme…the fun pop of color on the door, those lights and that interior organization are all so lovely!!

  6. LOVE the color of this door! The portico was the PERFECT addition! I am sharing this on my FB page – with a link back to you, of course :) Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  7. Beautiful! What size bowl did you go with on the lights? Trying to get an idea of what size I need above our garage doors!

  8. Thank you! Here are the details: All Weather Gooseneck Farm Light Wall Mount
    Code: BLE-G-AUS-PC
    Options:Shade Size: 15" Shade; (+$16.00)Finishes: 100-Black; Gooseneck Arms: G16 Straight Arm ; Wire Cage: None; Wire Cage Finish: N/A

  9. This is beautiful! Can you do me a huge favor and tell me what brand garage door (or company) you used? I'm trying to figure out if I can do the rectangular stockton type windows with the same type of opening you have (with the diagonal upper corners). Every pic I see shows the windows being cut off at the corner except for yours. I'd love those same windows but not sure if it depends on the brand. Does this make sense?

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