Before and After Doors

It’s been three weeks since I backed into our beastly garage door, knocking it off of its track and putting the final nail in its coffin.  Since the darn thing was so gigantic, the largest they make in fact, it took all of this time to receive the replacement.  And she’s a beaut.  Bless the poor soul’s heart that disassembled the wrecked one and installed the replacement all by his lonesome.  He was barely breathing when he rang the bell to let me know the job was done (four hours later might I add.)  Since we sit on a corner lot and the garage runs the whole width of the house, the new carriage style door significantly improves the overall curb appeal of our abode.  Do excuse the lawn bags, pine straw and piles of sand on the drive.  Sweeping and yard work are not my forte.  To say the least.

And if one before and after door story didn’t whet your appetite for home improvement, I am here to dazzle you with yet another.  This weekend Honey slaved away in the basement (as has become his routine lately) replacing the original dark stained wood door with a fantastic bright white french version.  It literally doubles the amount of natural light in the space.  And I love how it looks out on our fountain AND offers a great view of the play set.  Once again, Honey has outdone himself.  Just a few more big projects to go…

So with the threat of storms looming overhead and being bound to the house with the overhead door man, I attempted to complete the biannual task of sorting through the little’s clothes to assess what I bought ahead (sadly not that much this year), what I need to pass on to cousin Bird (always makes me a bit weepy) and what I need to acquire (the reward at the end of the chore.)  After finishing that burdensome task and pouring through my favorite boutique websites and catalogs, I am quite ready to order up some sweet little matching outfits for the summer.  First, I must share with you the “undie man” competition that kept me in stitches while sorting through clothes.  Meet “Mister Ka Ka Poopie” and “Meeska Mouska Matador.”  Guess who thought up the names.  And guess who’s who.  Their antics never cease to amaze me. 
Happy March y’all!  
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