Pots and Beds

There’s not a year on record that I’ve taken better care of my pots and beds. I’ll chalk that up as one small win in this strange season.

We’ve done so much work in our front beds, replacing a few struggling plants with new ones, and adding ferns, annuals and fresh straw.

I not only planted in all of my pots, but I also gave them all a fresh coat of paint AND kept them alive and well since Easter!

Rather than dumping a hanging basket in my pots, I took the time to choose a “thriller, filler and spiller”. The thriller an be something that grows tall, the spiller trails down the sides and the filler does just that – fills it all in.

I just came inside from clipping the last of the blooms on my hydrangea, in fact! We’ve been waiting on them to finish blooming because we plan to dig them up and transplant them as part of a larger backyard project.

I hope you are enjoying a great start to the holiday weekend! It’s HOT in the ATL!


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