What We’re Watching

I say this all the time, but I never watched a lot of TV until corona. For all the reasons (no work, not many commitments, etc.), I have a lot more time on my hands that I’ve ever had before. Here’s what has captured our interest…

As a Mom / Wife / Middle Aged Woman

My HGTV obsession is Home Town. I adore Erin and Ben and really, really want to go to Laurel Mississippi!

I absolutely loved the movie Emma. It’s darling.

I went down a teenaged rabbit hole and watched the entire series of Flowers in the Attic movies on Lifetime Movie Network. I finally asked my mom if she had any idea what those books where about when I read them as a teenager and, as suspected, she didn’t. LOL.

After Flowers in the Attic I went even deeper and watched the Casteel Family Series. It’s just as (wide eye emoji face) as Flowers in the Attic.

As a Family

We’ve been watching The Office from the beginning. Some parts are questionably appropriate for Whit but we’re rolling with it.

Honey and I read the Divergent series a while back and loved it. We never saw the movies and have all been on the edge of our seats watching the Divergent trilogy!

Recent movies we all enjoyed were Scoob, Jumanji and Onward.

As a Couple

Outer Banks (netflix series) is my number one must see of the year. Honey and I both LOVED it. It’s the right mix of action, adventure, comedy, love, mystery and hot guys. :-)

Y’all know we had to watch Tiger King early on in quarantine. I mean, are we even human if we didn’t?! It was oddly addicting and almost hard to believe was real life. At least now I can understand all of the Carol Baskin memes and references.

As far as movies, Parasite and Crazy Rich Asians are the top two we’ve seen in the last four months. They aren’t new but we loved both of them!

We recently started Dark (netflix series) and are liking it!

We’ve seen a lot of other things, but these are the most noteworthy and I won’t waste your time with the things we didn’t love. On that note, PLEASE share if you have any must-sees!!

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15 thoughts on “What We’re Watching

  1. Have you watched THE BIG SHOW SHOW? It is a family sitcom on Netlfix (think 1990’s TGIF style like Full House & Family Matters). Don’t know if you remember making the Matilda the Musical journal for Lily Brooks about 4 1/2 years ago when she was Matilda On the US National Tour but she plays Big Show’s middle daughter, Mandy.

  2. Hey Amanda, I have been loving Reign on Netflix about Mary Queen of Scotland!! The romance and dresses!!
    Have a great weekend!

      1. My daughter told me to watch “The Kissing Booth” on Netflix. Great movie. Part 2 just came out Friday. They just announced Part 3. Based off the best selling books. If you like a good rom- com I recommend it.

  3. I started watching VELVET on Netflix. It takes place in 1958 Madrid, it is everything the world isn’t today and a great escape!!! It’s in subtitles, but it’s so good, you don’t even mind reading…the love story is so beautiful you can’t help but to get sucked in!!!

  4. I started watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix. If you love Disney fairytales you have to watch this. I am addicted and the good thing is that there are 7 seasons to watch. Sweet Magnolias on Netflix is good too. About 3 woman, best friends, based on a book series.

  5. not sure if you’ve watched The Crown on netflix yet but its really good! its about Queen Elizabeth’s life from when she started taking the throne. been binging that lately since i miss london and traveling haha!

  6. I love “Hometown” as well on HGTV. My husbands late father and stepmother lived in Hattiesburg, MS about 20+ miles from Laurel and we stopped there several times on our way to their house and found some of the homes Ben and Erin had renovated on the show. They also have a cute shop in Laurel and we popped by there as well. It really is a charming, little Southern town. I also love Good Bones on HGTV, the mother and daughter duo based in Indiana.

    Just finished watching all three seasons of “The Crown” on Netflix and cant wait for the new season to begin.

  7. Have you read Erin & Ben’s book? If not, you would love it. They are everything good about Mississippi with none of the bad! (Book is Make Something Good Today if you haven’t.)

  8. We watch very little TV and that hasn’t changed with corona – but one series we absolutely LOVE is Yellowstone with Kevin Costner on Paramount Network. It isn’t in any way appropriate for children and has lots of strong language – but so good!

  9. I started watching Dr. Foster over the weekend and finished both seasons on Netflix in two days! It was addicting!

  10. Stranger Things! So much 80s memorabilia from my childhood. We like to watch it together as a family.

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