Girls Night In Porch Party

I was telling Honey last weekend that I haven’t felt like myself lately. Being the incredibly patient and understanding saint that he is, he helped me narrow in on the fact that one part of it is that I miss planning and entertaining. Of course I have done this for my little family since March, but I miss my friends too. I miss the ladies in my little supper club that just got off the ground in January. I miss fluffing flowers and deciding on a signature cocktail and coming up with a menu. And so, I decided then and there it was time to get back at it in a way that is safe for today but also really special!

Candle Source (they rotate through scents)

This group of ladies all have different circumstances and precautions they are taking. To help ensure that everyone would feel welcome and comfortable, I hosted the entire evening outside on the porch (lightening storm and all) with socially distant seating options. I welcomed the girls to bring their own tailgate chair, own cup/drink, and to wear a mask if that was what would make them feel most welcome. Because, at the end of the day, I just wanted to see them!

I’ve shared so much about the purple Empress Gin since quarantine that I knew my first social event had to feature the Empress 75. I pre-mixed one cocktail for each and made a different variety for my bestie that doesn’t drink gin. :-) In fact, the purple gin was the jumping off point for my flowers and candle choice. Every party needs a little inspiration, right?!

In addition to the signature cocktail, I set up single serve and self serve beverages so everyone had an option. There were five of us in total and some friends took me up on the offer to bring their own cup and mini cooler, which is WONDERFUL!!

I loved coming up with individual charcuterie boards so much and brainstormed all week on what to include!! I had already purchased the small boards to use as snack and study plates while we do virtual school. I am no teacher (thank goodness for Honey, again) but I can definitely put together some inspiring lunch trays and snack boards while everyone is home working and learning.

Speaking of the boards, they come in a set of 6 with a stand for storage and were so perfect for this type of event! I absolutely expect to get tons of use out of them going forward. SET OF 6 BAMBOO CUTTING BOARDS

As far as the menu, I did a mix of homemade, semi-homemade and just throw on the board items.

  • Cheddar jalapeno crackers (dough can be made ahead and frozen; cook morning of event)
  • Caramelized bacon (made this a few hours ahead of time)
  • Macaroons (Trader Joe’s freezer)
  • Strawberries
  • Grapes
  • Pickled okra
  • Salami
  • Sliced brie
  • Caprese skewers (mozzarella, tomato, basil)
  • Truffled marcona almonds (Trader Joe’s)

The girls even surprised ME with a belated birthday celebration, which nearly brought me to tears. The whole night I wanted to pinch myself, feeling so grateful for this small group of ladies who sincerely love each other through their faults, challenges and self doubt.

I went to bed last night feeling a lot like a girl I used to know back in March.

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14 thoughts on “Girls Night In Porch Party

  1. Glad/not glad that I’m not the only one feeling discombobulated over all! SO glad you were able to get together with friends in the beautiful setting you created. You have given me some great ideas for this weekend!

  2. What a perfect evening! Thanks for sharing! I would love to host something similar for friends and you’ve given me some inspiration. I was at dinner with girlfriends for the first time since COVID on the patio at Seed when the storms blew in! It was so nice to be out with friends and feel almost normal.

  3. I love this SO much! The color, the individual boards, the set up…amazing! Thanks for sharing. This made me smile :)

  4. I am definitely making those crackers!! Where is your wine chiller bowl from? Guessing Etsy? Your home is beautiful as usual!! ❤️❤️

  5. Ok for some reason my mind is mush – but the white (looks to be enameled) drink cooler/ice bucket with your monogram. Why I can’t call this by the right name I don’t know. But where did you find that?
    Thanks! N

  6. Love all of it! And I’ve loved your cocktail inspirations – bought my own bottle and have enjoyed trying them too!

  7. Amanda…missing my friends too…feeling your sadness. Love this idea. Printing this post for my entertaining file.

  8. I clicked on the link for the cheddar jalapeño crackers and the second word in the post made me chuckle! (lovemaking vs. love making). Anyways, have you ever made them with orange (or my husband would say yellow) cheddar vs. white? We just about always have orange on hand.

  9. This is just so thoughtful and lovely! So glad you were able to get together with your girls! xo

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