Movie Under the Stars {Home Projection System}

We’ve wanted to set up some sort of outdoor movie screen for ages, and the current environment was just the push we needed to finally make it happen. We’ve watched Scoob with Sister’s family and a number of movies with just the four of us. But where we’ve really loved having it is being able to hang out some with neighbors (like Hamilton last month) and for the boys to use with their friends!

Honey did extensive research to finally settle on exactly how he wanted ours and, after sharing a few of our movie nights on social media, I had a number of requests for what we were using. He does feel like you need some sort of speaker for the system to ensure the volume is loud enough. He uses this one for a variety of things. We have a longer term plan to move the projection to the back wall of the house, on the side of the garage, with a larger screen.

Movie Under the Stars
Projector | Portable Speaker | Portable Screen

When the kids have friends over, I have run the gamut in what I serve. A few times I’ve ordered pizza, but the favorite seems to be good old fashioned soft drinks, boxed candy (Dollar Store) and homemade popcorn! They usually start the evening playing basketball and air hockey. (JuJu’s neighbor moved and gave it to us. We never got it further than the garage and its worked well there for now.) As the sun starts to set we begin the movie. This projector is bright enough that it does not need to be completely dark to still work.

We already have plans for two more movie nights on the books… the release of the new Phineas and Ferb movie and for live action Mulan!

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3 thoughts on “Movie Under the Stars {Home Projection System}

  1. Love this! Contemplated getting projector for World Series (Go Nats!) but at time $500 felt a lot to spend on a whim. _Now _ a projector seems like it would get way more use than ever before. Overwhelmed by options during research. Would you mind saying brand & model of projector, and let me reap benefit of your Honey’s efforts?

    As dark comes bit earlier now each day, showtime does not have to wait until 9.

  2. Fun!!!
    We’ve also had a few movie nights, but have borrowed the projector from a friend. Now we’re ready to purchase and would like one you’re able to use without it being dark. I’d also like to know which projector you all decided on – and which speaker you use as well. Would you mind sharing?

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