The Last Day of Summer

We finished setting up our virtual work spaces today, and both of their summer reading assignments. There’s nothing like leaving that to the verrrrry last minute!

We marked the last day of the longest summer ever in the same fashion as usual – with a family dinner! The boys requested their favorites this Sunday – grilled filet and sea bass, roasted potatoes, salad and chocolate cake!

I don’t have any great recipes to share. We just put a little seasoning on the meats, threw the potatoes in the air fryer and spent the prep time making the boys favorite dessert!

The boys were off to bed earlier than they have been in months and I took a few minutes to soak in the tub, make sure my mind was in the right place, and think about the school year ahead.

I’m sending all of my love, prayers and best wishes to the kids, teachers and families headed back to school tomorrow! (source unknown)

Heeeeeey, we’re gonna have a good day….

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One thought on “The Last Day of Summer

  1. This no doubt will be a challenging school year for most students, teachers and parents alike. Virginia usually doesn’t start the new school year until after Labor Day but this year most districts will begin early on August 24th.

    My great nephew who is going in the 2nd grade is the only school age child in the family and from what my sister has told me he will go to school two days out of the week (either Mon/Tues or Thurs/Fri) and the other days will be virtual learning.

    I read where some schools who have already begun were already having problems with COVID outbreaks and being shut down. I sure pray this isnt the case for all schools.

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