Turkey Time Welcome

Well, November came rushing in with a crazy start didn’t it?! My Halloween decorations come down rather quickly, and I updated my door hangers for Thanksgiving.

My pots with the ferns in them quite literally blew away in Hurricane Zeta’s winds. One of them cracked into multiple pieces and was irreparable. I had these two sitting near the garden in the back and moved them here for the time being. I can hardly believe the rosemary is still alive, but it hung in there all summer and fall with no love.

This burlap turkey was a gift from bestie S a few years ago. 

I reuse the ribbons each year, storing them on the same coat hanger where I keep each door decoration in the attic.

Come to think of it, bestie S also gave me this burlap W!! She is a good hook up on door decor. :-)

This sums up the extent of my Thanksgiving decor. I always decorate the week before Thanksgiving and plan to do the same this year!

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5 thoughts on “Turkey Time Welcome

  1. I also like the simplicity of Thanksgiving decor. I always admire your ribbons used on your outdoor wreaths for Christmas. Might you be able to link where I can find them / something similar for this upcoming holiday season?

    1. Yes! I’ve had them a couple of years from Michael’s, but I think I saw them last year! They do often repeat the same ribbons each year.

  2. Love your cute burlap gobbler! FYI….last year I found some live rosemary shaped like little Christmas trees at Lowes during the holiday season. I planted them in my front porch urns for the Christmas season and strung white fairy lights on them. They looked and smelled so amazing I kept them in my urns all through the winter.

  3. I spy something very different in that backyard view! You had mentioned quite a while back about some changes in the backyard and it looks like it is going to be something fabulous!

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