Merry Christmas

The kids were all up bright and early, excited to see if Santa came. It’s crazy to think how the bunk room at my parent’s has gone from four toddlers to a teen, two tweens and a little lady. I love that they have spent every Christmas falling asleep in that room, listening for bells and hooves on the roof, and then waking each other up before the sun.

We took more time than ever opening gifts this morning. The kids rotated opening their four Santa gifts first, which was so much fun to see. After that, it was a free for all. :-) Whit’s favorite gift was a new mouse and headset for his laptop. John’s was a paintball experience, CeeCee’s was the Barbie Dream House, and Jay’s was the Lego Death Star. Honey’s was supplies for pizza on the Big Green Egg and mine was this portrait of Elsa.

Mother and Daddy-O spent the afternoon preparing a Christmas feast, while all of the “kids” did nothing but lounge. It felt amazing. I love that when we go home they take care of us like we are still their little girls. It was an incredible relief when the boys were little, and is still a gift today.

The non-adult kids entertaining themselves and each other with their gifts.

I didn’t dare to get my hopes up that we would be able to spend Christmas together this year and being able to do so was the highlight of 2020. After MUCH discussion and back and forth, each household went into complete self isolation for two weeks prior, to ensure we ALL felt safe gathering. The kids moved to virtual school, we postponed everything on the calendar (orthodontist, hair cuts, volunteer jobs, etc.) and we went into total lockdown (stocked up on 2 weeks of groceries, did not see another human outside of our home). It was like coming out of hibernation when we put on real clothes, loaded up the car and busted out of here.

I savored every minute of being home. This was the longest stretch I’ve ever had between visits. I don’t know when we will be back, or see my parents again, but I am trying not to fret about that. We got to do Christmas 2020, and that is a blessing.

Merry Christmas to all….

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One thought on “Merry Christmas

  1. What a good example all of your families are to others…taking COVID seriously and finding a safe way to be together. All the children learned a valuable lesson in personal responsibility….and the rewards. There will be no regrets. Delightful family in all generations. Loved your post. Happy and safe New Year.

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