Cotillion 2021

We were thrilled that cotillion for the sixth grade class carried on in 2021! Yes, there were absolutely modifications, but it was still a wonderful experience. There was no parent night this year, so Whit cheerfully posed for a pic in the living room. How is this young man my baby?!?!

The program is four weeks and each week’s theme focuses on a different aspect of manners, respect, and responsibility.   We consistently work on these qualities at home but there is something powerful about learning and honing these skills outside of the home with a group of your peers.   In addition to the lessons about etiquette, they also learn key steps to build a foundation in a variety of ballroom dances.   Jay attended the same cotillion with his fifth grade peers this year! I so wish the cousins could have done it together!

I always get questions when I share the boys in dress clothes. Both of them still wear Land’s End for slacks, blazers and basic button downs. And, both prefer hand tied Vineyard Vines bow ties. We have a collection that all of them share, including Honey. For shoes, they love Cole Hahn loafers for their comfort. They rotate between these belts:

Have a wonderful weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Cotillion 2021

  1. 🎩 You look very dapper, Sir Whit! 🎩 Congratulations! 👨‍💼 Here’s hoping you enjoyed your experience. Years from now, these skills, combined with all your parents’ dear devotion, will present themselves and you’ll be far ahead of the game. Continued success to you, young man. 🙂 How can this be the little guy in the bee boots?! 🐝 🛹
    🐝 😥 Jane

  2. Hi Amanda,
    I was wondering if Cotillion was done through public education in all of Georgia or just in Atlanta, or if your sons go to (or went to) a private school where it’s done?
    Kathy Jo

    1. It’s outside of the public schools, and far as I am aware, not affiliated with schools at all. It’s a series of classes offered by various groups. There are a few national cotillion societies; I suspect if you live any near a large Southern city you could just Google “Birmingham ( or Houston, Nashville, so forth) cotillion classes”, and you would find some.

      Just be aware that some are basically only dance classes, so if you want the etiquette lessons and such, make sure you ask if they are included. And also, they are very strict as far as arriving on time, dress code, personal appearance etc. We had our fingernails scrutinized to make sure they were neat and clean!

  3. I always love your cotillion posts! Is this the last year? I totally agree with the recommendation of Lands End for boy’s khakis and blazers. Although for the past year, getting them out of athletic shorts and sweatpants is a rarity!

  4. I remember my cotillion so fondly! It was at the Roswell Mill and I still do the dance moves with my sister that we learned. :)

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