Forever Gifts {Brass Oyster Belt Buckles}

If you’ve been around here for a little bit, you will know that since both of my boys have birthdays within a month of Christmas we give them a “forever gift” every year to celebrate rather than a toy, hoodie or video game.  This gift is something that we hope they will have forever, rather than something that is quickly tossed aside or outgrown.

Last year we gave them each a solid brass oyster shell belt buckle and leather belt strap. Honey has worn a similar belt buckle day in and day out since our 10th anniversary. They don’t dress up often, but when they do they always reach for this one. The buckle is the perfect size to grow with them, and the belt strap is inexpensive to replace.

belt buckle | belt strap

Chesapeake Oyster Shell Buckle in Solid Brass

Over the years, they have received house portraitsJohn Derian platesmini oil paintings, sterling silver baby cutlery, professional portraits, Sugarboo Frames and bronzed baby shoes, Irish linen monogrammed handkerchiefs, golden snitch Harry Potter clocks, pet portraits, luggage, watches and few other things I’ve since forgotten. 

I’ve got to put my thinking cap on for 2020. Birthdays are coming up SOON!

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3 thoughts on “Forever Gifts {Brass Oyster Belt Buckles}

  1. I love this idea since the first time you posted about “forever gifts” and have shared it with our two girls! I hope they do this same thing for their children/future children. I truly believe Brooke will do this, I doubt my stepdaughter will. I wish I had known this when my daughter was first born (though she does get a forever gift each Christmas – a Reed & Barton silver bell for the year) or when my husband and I first married and I gained a step-daughter.

    Our granddaughter’s birthday is 1 month after Christmas. Regardless, I think this is a wonderful idea for any time of the year birthdays. I know grandparents are expected to spoil their grandchildren and we do spoil our granddaughter throughout the year, but I really love the idea of forever gifts and I think we may just do this for them as a birthday present.

    Such a wonderful idea and gift that you give your boys! Thanks for sharing with us!

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