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As y’all might recall, with both boys celebrating birthdays in the month before Christmas we forgo the mess of toys and give them one nice item on their birthday that we hope they will have forever.  They have received house portraits, John Derian plates, mini oil paintings, sterling silver baby cutlery, professional portraits, Sugarboo Frames and bronzed baby shoes over the years. 

This year’s gift just might be the lamest one ever… they got Irish linen monogrammed handkerchiefs.  Yes, you read that right.  My children received hankies for their birthdays. 
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You see, Daddy-O always always always carried a hankie.  And I remember many a time when he offered it over the years – from my sticky toddler hands to a sweaty ballet performance to a tear of joy on my wedding day.  And while I certainly hope the nose blowing will be left to the kleenex, I can’t imagine raising two Southern men without a good proper hankie to tuck in their pocket on special occasions.  Besides, who am I to argue with the fabulous Rhett Butler?!?!

In all seriousness, they opened them, said their thank yous and proceeded to tear into the rest of their gifts from friends and family.  They know by  now to expect one strange gift on their birthdays.  One day they will thank me.  One day.

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  1. Daddy still uses his hankies. I saw him using one down in Savannah when CeeCee passed her little cold along to him :)

  2. I agree with forever gifts! They are the things that will remind them of home and family forever. I've given my girls beautiful handstitched handkerchiefs from their great-great-aunt. And lovelies like stained glass windows, clocks, family heirloom furniture (desks, chairs, etc), family china and crystal and silver. It's important! And priceless!

  3. I love this idea Amanda. And yes, they will thank you someday. I wish I had thought to start something like this when my girls were younger. They have September and January birthdays (too close to Christmas). I think I will start it next year. I have their baby shoes and would LOVE to have them bronzed. And, a friend recently wrote me a sweet thank you note on a card with a rendering of their beautiful home and I told hubby I wanted to have our house drawn this spring when things are back in bloom.

  4. My Dad always carries one too. Now that he's retired and just plays farmer all day, he still carries a white cotton hankie in his overalls. I will definitely try to start that tradition with my son too.

  5. My daddy always carries one! It is the sweetest thing to see him stooped down wiping the kids noses! He also used it to wipe spit-up and drool when they were babies. :) – Leanne

  6. My daughter received a piece of silver for her birthday every year. She was rarely excited about it. She is now 28, married, entertaining every weekend and those pieces of silver she could care less about? Treasures.
    Southern moms know best.

  7. Love it! My husband carries one still…maybe he'd like a monogrammed one.

    I'm heading to Savannah next weekend for my sister's birthday. We are busy reviewing your Savannah section for new places to visit. Appreciate the info!

  8. I'm from Mass., but my father and brothers always had handkerchiefs supplied by my mother, as well as me and my sister. Some plain and some monogrammed. I still have one of my older brothers as a keepsake. It was a staple for us older generations I guess. My sister and I couldn't go to sleep unless we covered all our dolls with hankies at night to keep them warm. :) I hope your new year is a happy and healthy one. Kathleen

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