One Day Early

Cookie’s birthday is tomorrow, but since we had Mimi and Ampa in town and nobody had work or school to rush off to, we decided to start the celebrations early.  Let’s face it, the birthday boy doesn’t quite have a grasp on the ins and outs of the old calendar yet…

He was thrilled to awake to a room covered in birthday balloons, and then to snuggle with Daddy while watching Mickey Mouse in bed!

And then to come downstairs to help make the pancakes for his birthday breakfast and the annual reading of Dr. Seuss’s Happy Birthday to You!

He opened his gifts from us and brother.  A John Derian tray from Mommy and Daddy for his forever gift.  And a Falcons jersey from brother.

We added his three year old tick to the growth chart.

And we ended the day at home with the whole family and a few family friends.  We dined on the baby’s favorite meal, chili and cornbread, sang happy birthday, gobbled up more Mickey Mouse cupcakes and then opened up another pile of presents.

Tomorrow morning we’ll continue the celebration with a Mickey Mouse party with a little group of playdate friends!

Kicking off the birthday one day early really just means TWO days of celebrating!

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