Big Hit Whit

Remember this little slugger?

Well, after choosing to take a break from baseball to pursue other sports and then covid cancelling last spring, he’s been back on the field since last August! He was a little rusty, but after a lot of hard work, Big Hit Whit is back! This kid smacked one clear over the fence this weekend.

Just like in little league 6 years ago, his team rushed the field. Kids he’s played with for as long as he can remember. Just like in little league, mom could barely blink back the tears. And, just like in little league, our humble youngest didn’t hoot, holler, jump around or cheer. He simply walked off the field with a head nod at his parents and a smile from ear to ear.

Regarding the sweatshirt, the early game was quite cold and he had some good plays. One of the coaches make a joke that Whit should keep wearing that Georgia Tech hoodie. And so, he did.

Much like Whit, I can’t stop smiling!

These are the days!

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