A Nasty Little Problem

We spent more time than ever outside last Spring and summer and, with our new addition, continue to rack up the hours outdoors! As a funny side note, I was thinking yesterday how I always say I’m not an outdoors person. However, the only spaces I have ever wanted larger in this house are all outdoors. :-)

We usually battle a nasty little problem around here – FLIES! Not on the screened porch, but IN the house. I swear, they came in every time we opened the door. (Which was essentially every three minutes between the boys and the dog.) I finally did some research last year and ended up with the Big Bag Fly Trap. It is cheap and it works miracles!

The bag made a considerable difference within days last summer, but I already have two up this spring to hopefully nip those boogers in the bud (one in the front and one in the back). We hung it in a tree near the garage as that is where most were getting in. It does smell, so it isn’t something you’d want in super closer proximity to where you frequently hang out. You can see that I fashioned a sturdy hook out of a coat hanger. I’m sure there are tools for this, but I didn’t want to chance it falling and Elsa getting into it.

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14 thoughts on “A Nasty Little Problem

  1. You have a wonderful praying mantis there trying to catch the flies!!! How lucky you are to have them. Do everything you can to support and encourage them to lay egg sacks and multiply. I love their heart shaped faces. They tend to stay in one area of the yard/garden and once you see one keeping looking each day and will see it. I swear I’ve had them recognize me as not threatening after seeing me often. Google them so you can identify their egg sacks/pods and not destroy them.

  2. Neat contraption

    Are you guys gonna get Brood X cicadas down your way. Apparently I live in ground zero.
    Will know in 2 weeks! Can.not.wait to see how dogs react.

    1. Georgia should get them but not so much around the Atlanta area. I was terrified of them as a child and my dad used to torture me with their shells

  3. Cool contraption!

    Do you know if you guys are supposed to get a big cicada bloom? I am supposedly in n ground zero for Brood X. Cannot wait to see how dogs react.

  4. My daughter had the same problem on their back deck. She used the bags and made a tremendous difference. They do stink when they get full.

  5. Oh my goodness, thanks for sharing. I have a problem. I thought it was just because the lot next door is a jungle basically and a breeding ground for them. I have to try.

  6. Is anyone else seeing the gigantic praying mantis? I suppose he’s hanging around, hoping for a treat. :) Great idea for a fly catcher!!

  7. Glad you found a solution, but I am curious about what is lurking at the bottom of that bag!?! Fly poop? Dead flies? ;)

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