Spring has Sprung

On this Earth Day, I thought it fitting to share my spring plants! I spent last weekend cleaning up and cleaning out my pots around the house to get them ready for spring and summer.

I did my front door before Spring Break when I spied these gorgeous (and cheap) ferns at Costco.

The little driveway seating area got a new umbrella this year (Target). Those things just don’t last, do they?! I always buy cheapies so I don’t feel bad tossing them every few years. I dug the pansies out and replaced them with sun loving spring flowers and potato vine. That’s another thing I always use in spring and summer!

I’ve had the same collection of pots here on the porch stairs since we added it on! I replaced the three small lanterns last fall, and have had the two larger one for years. They are usually inside the porch but I moved them out here when we finished the pool.

We only have two strategically placed pots on the pool deck, which is plenty! It hasn’t rained here in days and I’m already tired of watering them. HA! This one fills an empty corner.

And its twin is to help from having someone tumble off the deck into the flower bed. The pots were from Home Depot last fall and are GIANT. I didn’t recall how big they were until I emptied about three bags of soil in each.

Years ago I saw a sign at a local nursery that I haven’t forgotten. It makes me laugh every time it comes to mind.

Spring is here! I’m so happy I wet my plants!

I haven’t decided yet what I’m doing in my garden. Or if I’ll even plant it out this year. I did add a few herbs. We lost our sprinkler system to the back when we did the pool and we don’t have a hose that reaches around to it. Have you done your spring planting?

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4 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung

  1. You can put plastic bottles in the bottom of big pots , so you don’t require as much dirt for seasonal plants.

  2. Hey, pro tip, fill the bottom 1/3 of your oversized pots with styrofoam. I use the heavy duty kind that comes with electronics and appliances, (save it when you can.) I break it into big chunks the side of my hand. It does squish and settle over time, but it will last the season and make your pots much lighter.

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