Backyard Huddle {Summer Kickoff}

I shared back in the fall that we were gathering the sixth graders for Backyard Huddles throughout the school year. There is a really small group of kids, just those in our subdivision, that move together to middle school. (The vast majority are districted to a different school.) Along with my co-host and sweet neighbor, our goal was to gather these pre-teens for food, fellowship and fun as they navigated their first year of middle school in the most unusual circumstances.

We wrapped up sixth grade with a Summer Kickoff Pool Party! It was my very first one and it was so much fun to host! They swam, played ping pong and basketball and enjoyed lunch together. They didn’t have a field day, or any sort of wrap up at school, and they showed up absolutely giddy for this afternoon of fun.

At the end of sixth grade, I am in awe of how these children persevered through uncertainty, change and anxiety with an abundance of kindness, grace, patience and hard work. It was my absolute honor to play hostess to them this year. At each of our Huddles, hearing their chatter, laughter and prayers had me welling up with tears. I know good things are ahead for this bunch. <3

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