I Love {Blessing Beads}

Mother’s Day came a few days early for me this year! I have admired Blessing Beads from The Sercy Studio ever since I first saw them in a local gift shop. They are hand made by an Atlanta mom, in fact!

MacKenzie’s aunt Ruth received prayer beads during a difficult time. This gesture inspired Mackenzie to create her own beads that she called Blessing Beads. They are designed to add beauty to your home and be treasured for years to come. Let them be a reminder that you are loved and blessed.

When Sister and I sent a set to a dear friend who lost her father recently, I mentioned to Honey how much I wanted my own set. We personalized them with each of our first initials – A & W. The style is “Emily“.

I love them so much and will, in fact, treasure them for years to come. <3

My parents are coming this weekend for the first time since January 2020 and I am over the moon excited!

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