I Love {Goodr Sunglasses}

When I was with my friend M from Birmingham recently, the topic of Goodr sunglasses came up and she said they are all the rage in her area. Just a few days later I ran into my other friend L, also from Birmingham, and guess what glasses she was wearing?! Ha! I was absolutely convinced and hopped right on the internet to place my order.

They are extremely lightweight, they don’t slip, they don’t snag in your hair, they come in all sorts of fun colors, they are $25 AND if you buy two pairs they ship free. I got two for myself – Flamingo’s On a Booze Cruise and Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle Gs. I chose A Ginger’s Soul for Honey. We’ve both been wearing them non stop and love them so much. My parents listened to us rave and ended up each ordering a pair too. #twinsies

I absolutely hate modeling clothing, sunglasses, or anything of the sort, but I steeled myself to take a photo for y’all. They are so cute! This is absolutely not sponsored in any way. Just sharing the goods… er, Gooders.

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3 thoughts on “I Love {Goodr Sunglasses}

  1. I love it that you share things that you love that are just actually things that you love. I stopped following several blogs because they became an unending stream of very obvious commercials for sponsored goods.

  2. Cute glasses and I wholeheartedly agree with Lisa C. comment! I’m tired of other blogger selling everything and anything. Thanks Amanda.

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