May the Fourth {Obi Wan Kebabis, Boba Fettuccini & Chewbacca Ice Cream Bars}

It’s a week of fun celebrations with May the Fourth, Cinco de Mayo, CeeCee’s First Communion AND Mother’s Day!!! I love weeks like this and started planning last month.

The fun kicked off with a May the Fourth Star Wars themed dinner at home. John went out with friends (we’ve reached that age) and so it was just a table for three this year. The menu was YUMMY and combined a couple of our favorites that we had not previously enjoyed together – kebabs and fettuccini alfredo.

Obi Wan Kebabis

I oven baked the kebobs since it has poured non-stop for two days. They included Aidells teriyaki pineapple chicken meatballs (Costco), onion, red pepper, pineapple, tomato and mushrooms. YUM!

Boba Fettuccini

You can find the fettuccine recipe I use HERE.

Chewbacca Ice Cream Bars

When I didn’t find the Millennium Falcon ice cream sandwiches we like, I wandered through Publix looking for inspiration. These almond dove bars jumped out at me and I knew I could turn them into little Chewbacca Bars with a couple of tweaks. I piped on strips of chocolate icing and then dotted with halved mini marshmallows. They turned out so cute and were delicious! I made them in advance and popped the whole cake stand in the freezer until time to enjoy.

My motivation to drag out all of our Star Wars things for the table waned throughout the day. Last year’s set up was much cuter – and the meal was equally as delicious!

Happy Star Wars Day!

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2 thoughts on “May the Fourth {Obi Wan Kebabis, Boba Fettuccini & Chewbacca Ice Cream Bars}

  1. I am amazed every time I read your blog. You are a delight, and your mothering is an inspiration. Happy Mother’s Day, Amanda!

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