Recital Time

Recital time is here again and I was lucky enough to get one of Sister’s coveted seats for CeeCee’s ballet class performance! They split what is normally three shows up into twenty-nine mini shows, each just about 30 minutes in length. She takes three classes and each recital was on a different night. Kudos to her studio for making this work! I know it was a significant amount of effort on their behalf but it was quite enjoyable for the audience.

I could not believe the difference in the quality of performance from her last recital (2019)!! Wow! Sister took these photos.

Her class showcased a true production and I felt like I was watching the Coppelia village scene or Nutcracker party scene. The two staggered lines that swap half way through are a thing of the past!

She was the tiniest one on stage but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. <3

Seeing her with her little ballerina besties afterwards was the sweetest thing.

I met up with them prior to the show as Sister put the finishing touches on her bun and such. I saw she had “Pashmille” in the car all dressed up in her tutu. I asked CeeCee if “Pash” might want to come in and watch the show and her eyes lit up. Sister told me I couldn’t distract her with the doll but I did hold her up at the very end and CeeCee gave her a little wave. It was the cutest thing! We are still talking about how much “Pash” loved seeing the recital. :-)

I always make CeeCee a bouquet and this one turned out beautifully from combining a few smaller bunches from Trader Joe’s (top). For Atlanta folks, Sister always uses Le Jardin Francais Boutique for flowers and they are always stunning (bottom).

I know she’s not mine, but I love as if she were! <3

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2 thoughts on “Recital Time

  1. Congratulations CeCe on a beautiful ballet recital. My favorite picture is where CeCe looks like she is floating in the air. CeCe’s doll reminds me of a doll I had back in the 60’s called “Dancerina” and she would do spins when you pressed the crown on her head. In fact, I still have her and the original box she came in. She’s not in the best condition because I loved playing with her so much.

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