Splash Into Summer {Last Day of School Pool Snack}

Each year on the last day of school after our Walk of Fame we have a “special snack”. I usually theme it to something related to kicking off summer, based on a cartoon, food item or brand the boys are in to that year. With the sparkling new pool in the backyard, that was all the inspiration I needed for 2021!

This snack board came straight from the pages of my Beautiful Boards book. I’ve also referenced the book for many other occasions and absolutely love it!

The details are just darling and they weren’t lost on the boys. John couldn’t get over the teddy grahams floating in a sea of blueberries. I found all of the candy at Dollar Tree, if you’re looking for a one stop shop. I used my Happy Everything platter as it was the perfect size for our little family.

Since I botched the school calendar and didn’t realize the last day was virtual, this celebration took place on their first day of summer. Honey had a work lunch and picked up Chipotle for the rest of us as a special treat. These boys cannot survive on Teddy Grahams and apple cubes any more!

The boys slept in, did their Walk of Fame and then enjoyed lunch on the porch before cannon balling right into the pool! This is bound to be the sweetest summer yet!

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One thought on “Splash Into Summer {Last Day of School Pool Snack}

  1. So cute, as always! We still have 2 more weeks of school here :/ I cannot wait for summer break and am so excited for it !

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