Spider Times

I’m popping in today with an update on my spider bite. I so appreciate all of your messages, comments and emails. It means so much to feel loved and cared about, especially by so many people that I’ve never had the fortune to meet in real life.

Last Wednesday I had a check up with the vascular surgeon at the wound care clinic. Overall it was a good report. They feel like I’ve made nice progress in healing and the open cavity has pretty much filled back in. It now looks like a nasty scrape as opposed to a gaping hole. (I know you love that photo in your mind’s eye….)

Nurse: “Red and bloody is beautiful”
Me: “I guess we all have different definitions of beautiful.”

Once I was all cleaned up, the vascular surgeon said I had some extra granulation tissue in the center of the wound. I momentarily panicked when she asked for the silver nitrate stick. She assured me that it wouldn’t hurt, but might give a burning sensation. It sure did – not painful but definitely noticeable. This should level out the wound as it continues to heal.

I also have a new dressing procedure, which I thought I’d share. Every third day we remove the bandage and clean thoroughly with saline spray and gauze. We then cut a square of something that resembles hard gauze and place a pea sized dollop of medicinal honey on it!!! (I am just in AWE of that!) We press that into the wound and then cover with a bandage.

I have learned so much from the wound care clinic and marvel at how knowledgeable they are, as well as at how much things have changed in wound care since I was a kid. Back then it was let it air out, go swim in the ocean and let some salt water get on it, cheer when we finally get a scab. Now they don’t ever want it exposed to air or water and know scabs are bad! I feel so fortunate to have this clinic here in Atlanta and grateful for the excellent care I’ve received. My family and many friends have asked for details on the products I’ve been sent home with. For your reading pleasure…

MediHoney | Bandages | Iodosorb | Silver Nitrate Stick | Sure Prep

  • Iodosorb was used prior to the cavity fully filling in, after gauze packing was done.
  • Sure Prep is used to wipe on the skin before putting on a bandaid. It has been wonderful at protecting skin against constantly having an adhesive bandage on and off of it for almost 7 weeks. It works great with the bandages linked but we tried it with a waterproof bandaid and that still hurt to remove.
  • The wound care clinic uses other bandages but they are extremely expensive and can only be ordered using insurance in a 30 day supply. They recommended these to me for a great alternative and I’ve loved them. They stay on, are waterproof enough to shower (still no swimming) and don’t tear my skin off (Sure Prep helps too.)

I have officially been released from the vascular surgeon and will follow up with the wound care clinic nurses at the end of the month. This time when I begged for a “best guess at how much longer” they were willing to say “maybe a month”. I can do that! I’m hoping perhaps my end of month visit will be my last. <3

Thank you, again, for coming on this crazy ride with me!

UPDATE: If you really, really want to read the full schedule of events and see the nasty photos, I have created a hidden page that you can access here. I have reached the end of the internet on MRSA photos and information. I was and primarily am interested in what things to visually look out for. I am ONLY sharing this for reference in the hopes that it can help someone down the road. MRSA can be deadly. CLICK WITH CAUTION

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10 thoughts on “Spider Times

  1. Glad to hear you are recovering!! We used the medicinal honey for a family member with a wound that wouldn’t heal on her lower leg. It is amazing stuff!

  2. This is all incredible! I hope you are planning a wonderful celebration when this is all done. 😊 What a trooper you’ve been and Honey too! Honey using honey on his honey! See? It’s insane! 😝🐝🐝🐝 Hang in there, Amanda. You’re almost done! ❤ Jane – San Diego

  3. Thank you for the update. I have been praying for you and wondering how the wound was coming along. I know you can rest so much easier now that you have turned the corner. God Bless you !!

  4. I’m so glad to hear you are improving and hopefully almost finished with this ordeal. Thanks for the info on the products you have been using, I feel certain at some point we will need them here, too.

  5. What an ordeal this has been! I’m so glad to hear of the “good” report! Prayers for continued healing! xo

  6. I have learned so much from reading your posts. Never heard of medicinal honey! I am going to gather all of these things in case my 3 grandchildren need them….thank you for freely sharing your journey. Praying for a good last month of recovery.

  7. Thank you for sharing these advanced wound treatment methods — I have learned so much and am amazed at the progress of wound care in the last 40 years. My late father was severely ill with Diabetes, foot wounds and gangrene due to poor circulation. Not many treatments were available. The number of Diabetic amputations that used to be commonplace have surely been reduced with these advancements.

    Glad you are on the road to recovery!

    1. It is amazing! Many of the other patients in the wound care clinic are diabetics and burn victims. It is good perspective for my measly little spider bite. <3

  8. oh my! amanda i’m so glad you’re feeling better and you are healing! sending positive vibes and healing your way!!

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