I Love {Salux Cloth}

I have always had skin on the dry side and discovered Salux Cloth a few months ago, after falling down a rabbit hole on the internet. It is an inexpensive, lightweight, fast drying, super effective exfoliating cloth. This $6 has been the most effective money I’ve ever spent on fresh, glowing skin. (body, not face)

After a couple I uses, I cut mine in half. It is still long enough to hold one end in each hand and use it to scrub all up and down my back and shoulders. (I’d try it before you decide to cut it.) It lathers up well and I always scrub before shaving. I no longer need lotion on my legs after showering! I just rinse, wring it out, and hang it on top of my regular towel to dry.

At any rate, this is just a quick review of a fun product I’ve been loving. If I were going to a “favorite things” party I’d bring this!

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6 thoughts on “I Love {Salux Cloth}

  1. I, too, love these. Discovered about 2 years ago. Be careful though, there are faux cloths that say Salux but are not the quality of the real thing. Glad you added not to cut before checking. I am tall but thin and I need the full length.

    1. Cindy, how do we tell the difference when ordering. Just looking at those below they look similar except for different numbers…Amanda’s picture is 200 but the others are different. What do you suggestion? Thanks

  2. Love this, ordered it from Amazon.ca, far more expensive than Amazon.us. Highly recommend, thank you for the information

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