What We’re Watching Part 4

This summer had me on a TV watching binge again, being unable to see sun or swim due to my spider bite. Here’s the run down…

Virgin River Season 3

Virgin River Season 3 (netflix) was a wee bit dramatic, even for me. There were a few points in the show where I mused – there is literally not one thing left that could go wrong. Brody became rather likable to me this season and I didn’t miss Hope at all. The ending was so far fetched…. things just don’t work like that. Regardless, you know I’ll be tuned in for season 4 and I still recommend this overall for some mindless, feel (pretty) good, light romance.

Outer Banks

Honey and I blew through Outer Banks (netflix) season 2 in no time flat. John B is still steamy, and the show still hit the right mix of action, adventure, comedy, love, friendship, family and mystery. John walked in when we were watching Season 2 Episode 1 and said “Oh, y’all watch Outer Banks?” Completely distracted, I replied “Yes, but you should start from season 1. It’s good.” Approximately 7 minutes later I was eating those words when it dawned on me that these kids running from the law, doing drugs and having sex are practically HIS AGE. Face palm. I asked him about a week later if he was watching and was secretly pleased when I learned it had it completely lost its allure upon finding out his parents like it.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever (netflix) is such an easy, funny, relatable and engaging watch. It is about an Indian-American teen trying to up her social status after a traumatic year. We all went to high school once and can appreciate the things that seem important at age 16. Devi is chaotic, charming and lovable, but is also her own worst enemy. I think I laughed out loud every time her mother, Nalini, opened her mouth. Because I was a teenage girl once, but now I’m mom to a teenager. :-)


Honey and I most recently binged Clickbait. There are 8 episodes in the mini series and you get an answer at the end. I wasn’t sure if I loved it or hated it after episode 1, but am so glad I kept going. The show is about a man abducted in a crime with a sinister online twist. His family works to uncover who is behind it and why. It’s suspenseful, interesting and unique, and will keep you guessing to the end. Overall, I definitely recommend!

All of this begs the question… what have you binged lately?!

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