Atlanta {Downton Abbey: The Exhibition}

For my bestie’s holiday-time birthday, I gifted her a morning at Downton Abbey: The Exhibition and then we enjoyed our annual holiday lunch! We got all dolled up for the occasion and that just added to the fun. So many others complimented us on our dedication to the full Downton experience. :-)

The Exhibition is based on the beloved television show and transports you to post-Edwardian England, where the characters and the iconic house come to life. You’ll be immersed in the fascinating social history, culture, and some of the most memorable moments from the show’s six-season run.

You start walking through a museum type room filled with artifacts and memorabilia from the show. Then, you enter the downstairs of Downton! It was like stepping inside your favorite show!

And, upstairs, you see the dining room and Mary’s room.

We also loved the costumes!

We loved seeing Downton celebrating the holidays, with stunning Christmas decor.

I treated us to the “Holiday Treat Package”, including a festive tipple and a British-themed sweet. Both were delicious!

It was such a fun day and an experience I definitely recommend for any Downton fan. We are counting down to the next movie!!

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3 thoughts on “Atlanta {Downton Abbey: The Exhibition}

  1. We enjoyed this in Boston in the fall of 2019. It was wonderful to see the sets up close. And, I loved reading the information that accompanied each display (history teacher). But, the dresses, oh they were simply breathtaking- tv did not do them justice. And, guess who was in town filming a movie and happened to tour the exhibit while we were there? Diane Keaton! So fun to think she enjoyed Downton, too.

  2. As a fan of Downton, I am counting down for the next movie as well! Loved that you and bestie both dressed for the occasion. It looked like a fun event and the costumes I know were beyond gorgeous in person.

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