Celebrating Christmas 2021 {Christmas Traditions}

After spending the day at Sister’s, we all retreated to Mother and Daddy-O’s for Christmas Eve evening. We did the annual reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas. This has been a tradition for decades in our home. Mother wraps up ten little gifts, trying to find things that everyone could enjoy. While Daddy-O reads the story, you pass your gift to the right every time he says the word “and”. You open whatever gift you are holding at the end of the story. And, then, the trading and bartering begins!!

Honey iced the Christmas Cake. He is turning into quite the pastry chef!

We played a game of Ticket to Ride and then, surprisingly, all the kids willingly went to the bunk room to look at their devices, read and eventually fall asleep without another peep! That’s when one of my favorite family traditions starts – the annual wrapping of gifts, eggnog drinking, scotch tasting, charcuterie eating all nighter happens. We were up until 2AM wrapping, talking, drinking, singing Christmas tunes and the lot. It is my favorite!

We all still go by the 4 gift Santa rule – something you need (hairbrush & haircut just like Santa promised), something you want (electronics), something to read (stay tuned… took some liberty on this one) and something to do (Galactic Starcruiser for all 4 kids!). It was squeals and smiles all around on Christmas morning.

The rest of our day consisted of intermittent naps and grazing before our big Christmas dinner. We ended the evening with board games. It was casual and special and pretty perfect all around.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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