Celebrating Christmas 2021 {Seeing Santa}

2021 marked our sixteenth year of heading down to Phipps Plaza to see the quintessential Atlanta Santa! It was a tradition I almost let go. I know it’s a little ridiculous that we still do this, but the boys completely humor me. And, believe it or not, every year we are not the oldest kids in line. :-) The family behind us had three that had to be in their 20’s, one of which had a girlfriend with him.

I panic emailed them two weeks ago and said I was having serious regrets about not bringing the boys for year sixteen. Well, they couldn’t have been nicer and said “since you’ve been coming for so long, just tell us the time and date and you’ll be on Santa’s list”.

We always head down over Thanksgiving break and, thanks to their understanding, that was no different this year! It was once again the official kickoff to Christmas for our family! And, boy am I glad I went…. Santa asked what they wanted for Christmas, they replied and he said “I’ll see what I can do about that, but I know I’m bringing y’all hair cuts and hair brushes.” We got a real good laugh out of that one. Like always, he handed them candy canes as he said “Brush your teeth, say your prayers, and have a Merry Christmas!”

We used to go ride the Pink Pig at Macy’s back in the day, but when they (quite literally) outgrew that, I started taking them to dinner after Santa at Maggiano’s. It’s so yummy and festive at Christmas and they boys love it. We did just that this year.

This year we capped off the evening with hot tub, hot cocoa bombs and a late night snack in the clear tent. :-)

Merry Thanksgiving to you!

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Balsam & Cedar Candle | North Pole Pillow
1″ Red Velvet Ribbon | 3″ Double Face Satin Red Ribbon
Record Player |  Elf soundtrack vinyl

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One thought on “Celebrating Christmas 2021 {Seeing Santa}

  1. My two cents worth from my turkey coma: You may need a name for your new tent. I’m thinking “The Ice Dome” or “Bubble Hut.” ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ Seems like a good assignment for the amazing Daddy-O. 😀 Jane ~ San Diego

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