Christmas Wrapping {Paper Bow Template Free Printable}

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I’m really excited to share with you a super simple wrapping technique and a free printable template to make these paper bows. I love dressing my gifts up this way because you can really make use of all of those scraps of paper that you trim off when wrapping a gift.

Here’s the step-by-step….

You’ll need:
Wrapping paper, in various coordinating patterns or colors
Paper bow template (link below)
Glue dots

1.Print off the bow template on cardstock or heavy weight paper, if available >> Download HERE  Paper Bow Template Dixie Delights or right click on image below and save as picture to your computer

2. Cut out the three pieces of the template, saving the directions if needed for future use.  I keep these pieces packed away with my wrapping supplies.

3. Wrap your package as usual.  One thing I love to do to mine is cut a piece of coordinating paper to wrap around the center of the gift.  I love the layered look and can usually do this with scraps from other gifts.

4. Now it is time to cut and assemble bows.  Lay your 3 template pieces out on the back of your wrapping paper.  Trace around them.  Then cut them out.  I usually make 3 bows at a time by layering pieces of paper and making one cut with good scissors.  They aren’t perfect, but they don’t need to be!  You might consider using a different pattern of paper for piece C that makes the center of the bow.

5. For the bows, first start with the piece shaped like an hourglass (A).  Secure the two tail ends with a glue dot.  Then secure the middle of the bow with another glue dot.

6. Use a glue dot to secure the piece with the two notched tails (B).

7.  Use another glue dot to wrap the rectangular piece (C) around the middle of the bow.  Then attach it to your gift!

Tips and tricks:

  • I found my paper at Home Goods this year but Hobby Lobby is usually my go-to.  They have nice, thick paper with grid lines for easy cutting on the back.  They also have great prices on fairly large rolls.
  • Glue dots are fantastic and I find many, many uses for them.  I think they are a great addition to any craft cabinet.
  • We do four gifts for our kids from Santa every Christmas.  These gift stickers (and many more) are in the Dixie Delights Shop.
  • You can use this template and increase or decrease the size for larger or smaller bows.  Much smaller would be harder to work with, however.
  • I’ve used the same template with pieces of felt and it makes really cute bows as well!  Scrapbook paper is another fun way to dress up packages with unique bows.

I absolutely love the way these turn out every time I do them, especially considering that I would normally just toss the extra paper that I had trimmed off.  Last year I did a video tutorial on how to tie the perfect bow!

Two Ways to Tie the Perfect Bow

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15 thoughts on “Christmas Wrapping {Paper Bow Template Free Printable}

  1. What an easy, smart idea! I always struggle with decent bows on my packages. Thank you for sharing! xo

  2. Oh Amanda, this reminds me so much of the cute Disney bows. Of course it does, because you made it! These are so cute and what a great way to add a little something extra to a package with just a little bit of extra wrapping paper. Awesome idea!


  3. Amanda – your packages and bows are just beautiful! We have bookmarked the paper bow template because we know we will be using this a lot in the near future. You are a genius – thanks for sharing! Wishing you and yours a joyous holiday season!

  4. What a fantastic idea, and thank you for the template!

    I adore that leopard paper, do you remember where you purchased it?

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