Turning on the Christmas Trees

We are oozing Christmas from every nook and cranny and I LOVE IT!!!  If you are anything like me and you have multiple trees and garlands and such that must be turned on and off each day, I finally have figured this out…

I bought one set of these Etekcity remote plugs last year and loved them so much that I bought a second set this year!  No more fiddling with switches, crawling behind trees or fussing with timers.  It is the BEST!

I bought two of the 5-pack sets and each set comes with two remotes (the 3-pack comes with one remote).  I use one entire set on my main level and the second set on my upstairs level.  I keep one of each remote together – in the kitchen and on my bedside table.  So… in 10 clicks I have turned on every tree and garland in the house!!  At night when I am in bed and wonder… did I turn that tree off… no more worries – I simply click down the 10 off  buttons and call it a day.  Now my house is not gigantic but both remotes reach all over the house.   There is also a manual on-off switch on each plug, should you ever need that.

The only tree NOT on my remote is the den tree.  And that is because I love my Magic Wand from Natalie Chang more than words.

I’ll be back SO soon with the first of my Christmas decor!!  We just finished getting the garland up outside tonight.


Etekcity remote plugs (affiliate)

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10 thoughts on “Turning on the Christmas Trees

  1. Every year I grumble to my (electrician) honey about the hassle of lighting the trees. Had we known we would be living in this house when we built it, he would’ve wired each outlet I use for trees to a single switch (or two). Wouldn’t that be a dream?! Alas, no luck getting him to do that amount of rewiring!

    These remote outlets are awesome! I’ll definitely be looking for some tomorrow!

    Can’t wait to see your home decorated for Christmas! xo

  2. Thank you for sharing! Getting ready to order these and the one for exteriors with a remote good up to 100 feet! Holiday decor will be so much easier!!!

    Can’t wait to start seeing all of your Christmas posts!!!

    Merry Christmas Amanda!

  3. So I jumped in and bought the WiFi plugs this year and tied yhrm to my alexa. I use my phone and night to turn the off but my four year old, Evangeline loves to say “alexa turn on the tree” in the morning. I’m a tad obsessed now and have ordered several more for various lights throughout my home. Merry Christmas!

  4. I have heard of this. I wish I heard of it years ago because I’d have changed the tradition of only gifts the kids get being from Santa.

    I have tried reigning it in with fewer gifts,less waste, experience gifts but my youngest says “Santa thinks I am a bad boy. All my friends get so much more gifts ” . :( :( (meanwhile he is the very opposite of “bad”)

    Great gift ideas you shared! Loving the festive decor in recent photos.

  5. I just ordered a 5-piece set. Thank you for linking them – I had no idea. Now after reading Jennifer’s comment above, I’m off to find the ones for the exterior. I’ve just been shutting off the breaker to the outside lights because I was tired of going outside each night to unplug the lights and the yard decorations. Merry Christmas!

    1. Haha! I love it – I never thought to just pull the breaker. The lights are like the elf… every night I get in bed and am like “noooooooo I cannot do one more thing today.” :-)

  6. We have the outside Christmas lights on timers so we don’t need to unplug them but I just ordered the “wand” for our tree!! I think I will have it as a gift from our “elves”. My littles will be so excited!! Once again, you have the cutest ideas!!

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