Being Catholic {St. Simeon’s Feast Day}

When we were learning about John’s patron saint, Simeon, during his confirmation preparation, we decided that we would celebrate his feast day at home each year. This wasn’t something I did growing up, but we love to eat, we love to celebrate, and I thought it would be a nice way to “remember” our patron saints each year. This celebration was nothing more than John choosing anything he wanted for dinner and us all sitting down together. If you’ve been around for a while, this won’t come as a surprise. He chose Cottage Pie and Chocolate Cassis Cake!

John’s Confirmation

Cottage Pie Recipe

Chocolate Cassis Cake Recipe

The presentation isn’t much, and my cake did not come out of the springform well (it was too large) BUT it was delicious and just what our man of the hour wanted.

Whit will choose his patron saint at his confirmation. Mine is Bernadette who celebrates her feast day on April 16! Honey is a catholic convert and doesn’t believe he chose a saint – or doesn’t recall who – so he’s mulling that over. :-)

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