Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day {Corned Beef Sammies}

We had a casual albeit delicious Sunday Supper to kick off St. Patrick’s Day week – corned beef sandwiches. This is one of the boy’s favorite meals, and is so easy.

Simply cook the brisket according to the directions all day in the slow cooker. Shred and serve on rye with swiss cheese. Some of us like ours toasted, and some like mayo. None of us go for sauerkraut, but that could be a good addition. I served it with salt and vinegar chips and carrots.

I’m using three of my Happy Everything pieces here. I love this stuff, as I’m sure y’all have gathered, and I use it all the time. The shamrock plates and cups were from WalMart a decade ago. The cute napkins were a dollar spot score at Target last year (they are bandanas).

The brisket is also delicious sliced and served with veggies. I did that last year:

Next up on our St. Patrick’s Day food agenda is Cottage Pie, creme de menthe brownies and MAYBE pretzels, if I can find the time one day.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day {Corned Beef Sammies}

  1. We love corned beef this time of year and a girlfriend shared her tip a few years ago that takes it up a notch. After cooking in one inch of water (and don’t put the flavor package in) in the crock pot all day, make a glaze in a small saucepan on medium heat of grainy spicy mustard and brown sugar, take the beef out of the crock and put in a baking pan, cover with the glaze and cook at 300 or so for about 20 minutes, just enough to make a “crust”. Then serve in sandwiches or as is. It’s so good!

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