Go Raiders {Making the Pennant Sign}

When I shared this photo on Instagram after the Raiders Send-off to state, I had a bunch of questions from people wanting to know how I made it!

Mother painted this cake topper for me in the fall during football season. You’ll need:

  • Scanner – I scanned the pennant in as a photo on my printer.
  • Poster prints – I uploaded the image to Walgreens photo and had two copies printed in the 20×24 poster size, using a 50% off coupon! Make sure you zoom in to get your image as large as possible before printing.
  • Foam board – I purchased from Target
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons

Cut out the flags. This is why it isn’t necessary to remove the background. You will just cut it off anyway!

Lay your cut outs on the foam board. Trace around them. It doesn’t need to be perfect.

Cut out the foam board using an x-acto knife.

Use copious amounts of glue on the foam board to completely cover it – all the way to the edge.

Press the photo onto the glued foam board.

Look absolutely thrilled while doing so.

Use a knife to punch a hole at the bottom of the flag. Tie on a variety of coordinating ribbons. Cheer loud and proud!!

I used this same process to make custom Big Heads for 5th grade graduation. You can see more here:

From first days of school to football tailgates to state championships to graduations, I plan to get a LOT of use out of these over the next 5 years of having a Raider.

Things are wrapping up here and sweet summer is just around the corner!

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