I Love {Laura Geller Cosmetics}

I am SO not a beauty blogger. I’m not one to embrace change. But, here we go.

After about 20 years, I recently switched from Bare Minerals to Laura Geller makeup. My bestie has been using it, I was nearly out of makeup and there was a fabulous deal. Once I got past the “I’m old enough to have mature skin” thing, I could embrace just how good it is. :-) I really like the baked foundation versus the loose powder, and I’m using the same brush set I had with Bare Minerals. I used the Shade Finder tool and it came up with exactly the shade I was thinking and the results only took about a day.

While I was ordering, I also added the marbleized blush and have really liked that. The eyeshadow set was a steal (on sale) and it was time for a new one.

Overall, I’ve been really happy with how easy this makeup goes on, that it looks natural and that it stays throughout the day. They have a money back guarantee, which I didn’t need to use, but it made me feel confident in my purchase.

If you missed my last makeup post, it’s worth reading:

Happy weekend!!

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2 thoughts on “I Love {Laura Geller Cosmetics}

    1. I use moisturizer every morning. Then, I brush on the makeup in a swirl motion. That is really hard to describe :-)

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