Summer Movie Binge

I’ve seen more movies in the the theater this summer than since the boys were little and we hit the dollar shows every week! And, I couldn’t be more pleased about it. While I rarely watch a movie at home, I love nothing more than seeing one on the big screen, snuggled up in the recliner chair and with a buttered popcorn, ice cold Coke and some Goober’s.

Death on the Nile

I loved the old-fashioned style, costumes and scenery so much. I love a good murder mystery. This one wasn’t terribly suspenseful and definitely was not scary. Rather, it felt like sitting down to watch a Murder She Wrote – type story unfold.


Whit picked Lightyear as his must-see movie of the summer and we headed off on a night out for just the two of us. Lightyear is a prequel to Toy Story and is the origin story of Buzz Lightyear. The very beginning of the movie explains that this is the movie Andy saw when he fell in love with his Buzz Lightyear and got the toy. It was cute, but definitely my least favorite of the Toy Story franchise. We both agreed that Sox, Buzz’s robot cat, stole the show and captured our hearts!

Downton Abbey: A New Era

I absolutely savored every second of this one! It was like spending an evening with old friends. I very much enjoyed the “update” on my favorite characters and thought it was a lovely continuation of the story. It’s absolutely predictable and perfectly charming!

Top Gun: Maverick

Well, this one was just totally fantastic! Top Gun was one of the most iconic movies of my childhood and there was a time when I think I could recite entire scenes with friends. Maverick was the rare sequel that was just as good as the original. I particularly loved the few character ties to the original (Ice and Goose’s son). This one is a great way to introduce the kids to a movie our generation will always love.

Next up for me is Where the Crawdads Sing! Have you seen any great movies this summer?

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One thought on “Summer Movie Binge

  1. We have been to the movies more this spring/summer more than anytime I can remember in the past as well. We saw Downton Abbey in May and of course it was like visiting old friends again and the story line was so good.
    Next was Top Gun Maverick and all I can say is WOW! You are right, rarely does a sequel end up being as good as the original but this movie was the exception, and I can see why it has grossed over a billion dollars. My question is does Tom Cruise ever age!
    Last by not least, we saw ELVIS and the actor Austin Butler who play him was fantastic! Even if you are not an Elvis fan or was born after Elvis died, you need to see this movie because there will never be an entertainer again like Elvis. Tom Hanks did a great job I thought as well portraying Col. Tom Parker (Elvis’ manager). All and all, I say its been a great year at the box office.

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