First Day Fiesta!

With the boys on different school schedules yet again, I did a first day of school supper rather than the “special snack” from our elementary school days. I chose a favorite (and easy) dinner for the first night – chicken taco boats – and used the same decor from their pancake breakfast.

The EASY menu:

  • Shredded chili lime chicken (absolutely amazing, recipe follows)
  • Tortilla bowls, warmed (my boys favorite for taco night, so easy to eat!)
  • Daddy-OLE’s Homemade Salsa
  • Sour cream, lettuce, tomato, cilantro, shredded cheese

Shredded Chili Lime Chicken

This chicken is absolutely delicious and full of flavor. Every time I make it I literally cannot stop eating it. The recipe is HERE from Half Baked Harvest. She makes it in the crock pot, and that works perfectly. Tonight I didn’t have 6 hours of lead time, so I threw everything that would go in the crock in the instant pot and cooked it on high for 15 minutes, did a 5 minutes natural pressure release and then flipped it to venting. I shredded it, and added the lime and cilantro just lie you’d do in a crock pot. Since I still had a bit of time before serving, I turned it to Keep Warm until we ate.

As far as how things went… thumbs up all around! Yay!! I thought about them both Whit eased right in and already has a favorite teacher. John is pleased to have lots of friends in his classes and a “good” lunch period.

Hope the good reports keep coming!!

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2 thoughts on “First Day Fiesta!

  1. So happy to hear all went well for John and Whit – hope this is the best year yet!! ❤️ xo

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