First Day of School Pancake Breakfast

Just like that and school is back in session!!!  I know, I know…. we go back ridiculously early.  We do!  But, my kids know no different.  We get 10 weeks of summer and a couple extra week long breaks during the school year and we really do like the schedule.

While the night before was comprised of burgers, brownies and video games rather than sweet story books about school and sprinkling of confetti around their bedrooms, we did kick off the morning in the same manner we have for the last twelve years – with a pancake breakfast.

It was this girl’s first back to school day and she was very interested in all the commotion. She probably doesn’t remember the last time the three males in the house were all up for breakfast before 11AM. :-)

The boys leave at different times so I set everything up last night and Honey made all of the pancakes in one fell swoop this morning. It’s one of three morning during the school year that he jumps out of bed. haha. (The other two are their birthdays.) They are both all about protein so a side of greek yogurt was added to the breakfast menu in lieu of chocolate chips and sprinkles. :-)

You will recognize much of the decor from past years. Most of it is from the dollar bin at Target.

Whit is off to 8th grade and his last year of middle school. He has a tough course load but seems really excited about it. We met his homeroom and science teacher last week and she was a hoot – so personable and engaging. John is starting his Junior year. He is all about friends and sports and is most excited to get a parking spot on campus this year.

I’m praying over my boys, their teachers, their classmates and the schools today. To all of you heading back this week, I’m sending all of my best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!

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One thought on “First Day of School Pancake Breakfast

  1. Another wonderful DD tradition!

    I am envious of your schedule!
    I’d love frequent breaks.

    We’re in DC area & probably would never happens as Congress out in August

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