What We’re Watching {Age of Adaline}

After a recommendation from a “virtual” friend, I spent my Sunday evening savoring every moment of Age of Adaline on Netflix. The movie tells the story of Adaline, who stopped aging at age 29 after a near-fatal accident. She tries to resist falling in love – and truly living – for decades in order to keep her secret hidden. Blake Lively is absolutely brilliant in this movie. I paused it so many times because I just didn’t want it to end. Give it a watch!!

I’m currently seeking more movie and show recommendations. I’ve watched all my usuals!

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3 thoughts on “What We’re Watching {Age of Adaline}

  1. If you haven’t watched Mrs Harris Goes to Paris, you must do so. Preferably with your sister and CeeCee (although my husband enjoyed it as much as I did). It’s just a charming little movie.

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