Fall in the South

Fall in the south is synonymous with a few things. Top of mind for me is football and apple season. And, on that front, we have enjoyed the quintessential fall weekend!

Last night we cheered on the home team under the Friday night lights. The Raiders didn’t put up the W, but it was still a great night with perfect weather, friends and a bunch of spirited teenagers.

Saturday morning Honey and I were up bright and early to hit our local Farmer’s Market. I happened to be there the day before getting Whit apple butter (his request) and they told me they were picking up apples, cider and donuts from Ellijay! There’s nothing like a warm apple cider donut with hot apple cider on a cool fall morning!

This afternoon we were off to Georgia Tech HOCO! We did our usual spin through the SAE band party, chatted with a bunch of friends and then made it in for kickoff AND a win by the Jackets.

The guys are playing golf tomorrow afternoon and I plan to cook and continue my Halloween movie series marathon.

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