Making Halloween Happy {Mummy Dogs & Other Festivities}

The boys both rushed in from school, landing for just enough time to scarf down some supper before heading back out with friends.

Our usual Halloween supper is Mummy Dogs and I saw no reason to change that! I made chili the night before and it was a nice accompaniment.

Mummy Dogs

  • Hot dogs
  • Crescent roll dough – one crescent roll for each hot dog
  • Food safe marker, ketchup, mustard or something to make eyes
  1. Unroll crescent roll dough and, working with one half of the dough at a time, press seams together.
  2. Cut each half of dough into eight strips.
  3. Mummify dogs by wrapping with dough.  Use two strips per each dog.  
  4. Repeat with other half of crescent roll dough and hot dogs.
  5. Bake at 375  for about 15 minutes or until browned.
  6. Add eyes.

I made jell-o eyeballs a couple of days prior (when making the jell-o shot syringes for our adult gathering). I kept them in the fridge to pull out for today. The gummy eyeballs were from Target. I used the BOO dishes all season long! I’ve already got MERRY queued up for the next holiday. (I already had ERR from another event so added MY to spell out MERRY!)

Letter Dishes

There was nary a scrap left before they jetted out!

Meanwhile, Honey and I passed out candy to Trick or Treaters and tried to wrangle the pups all night.

I hope your Halloween was happy!

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4 thoughts on “Making Halloween Happy {Mummy Dogs & Other Festivities}

  1. So delightfully frightful! Can’t wait to see how you use MERRY… I had thought of purchasing J-O-Y and a B, O to make BOO next year but may just wait to see your MERRY!

  2. As a mom who has occasionally made the mistake of not repeating a tradition (no matter how small!) I love that you are keeping up many of yours even as the boys age. I am sure you are aware that they probably love these things you do more than they let on! ;)
    Maybe you can use the dishes to spell BOOM for 4th of July???

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