Making Halloween Happy {Pre-party Grazing Board & Adult Fun}

Every year our club puts on a FUN adult Halloween party and we love to host our crew for a pre-party to kick off the festivities. We set up a bar with two signature drink options, beer and wine. I used tombstone chalk boards for drink recipes so everyone could make their own. The jello shots in syringes were a HUGE hit. I’ll definitely do those again!

The grazing board was so easy, festive and enjoyable. I kid you not when I say not a scrap was left.

Honey cut this board for me years ago to fit the island AND porch table. We use it all the time. I found the skeleton pieces at Michael’s years ago.

I had all the candles lit, a Halloween playlist, and a fire on the porch to set the spooky scene.

Over at the club, we had more food, a costume contest, karaoke and an evening FULL OF FUN! Honey and I changed our costumes from Star Wars to critters at the last minute. I guess we’ve officially reached the age of comfort > fashion. He borrowed the penguin from Whit and I already had the squirrel.

Happy Halloween from all of us!

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4 thoughts on “Making Halloween Happy {Pre-party Grazing Board & Adult Fun}

  1. Everything looks fantastic!! A lot of inspiration there. What is that thing to the right of the porch fireplace? Thanks

  2. I hope that your friends realize how lucky they are to have you and how you go out of your way too make everything special and Perfect

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