Celebrating Christmas 2022 {The Nutcracker}

Nutcracker 2022 is in full swing and our little CeeCee is dancing as a party girl in her studio’s annual production of the Nutcracker! We had our whole party of ten in the theater, filling up nearly the entire front and center row.

Sister took photos for the company during dress rehearsals and sent me a few to share. I love this one of Cee with her party parents looking on so proudly. :-) We all got a hoot out of her admonishing her brother’s bad behavior. She’s had lots of practice with her three “brothers” at home.

She was the tiniest little party girl, yet her smile and stage presence were filled the theater. I snapped these. Isn’t the set stunning? It’s amazing how much it adds.

She was also asked to perform as a gum drop in the alternate cast, and filled in for a number of other roles throughout rehearsals. We hung outside the cast door like true groupies, just hoping to lay eyes on her before her next show!

And, later that evening, we met our little party girl gumdrop for a family dinner.

I always try to choose something special and this year I found a local artisan that makes cupcake bouquets. Isn’t this stunning??

CeeCee’s Nutcracker was a true grand finale to a wonderful Thanksgiving break full of family, friends, fun and festivities!

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Christmas 2022 {The Nutcracker}

    1. The funniest thing is that every time he wears it people come up to him and saw War Eagle and are just so friendly. We all wear GT gear all the time and have never had someone approach us and say Go Jackets. LOL.

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