Celebrating Christmas 2022 {Ornament Trip Souvenirs}

I always love unwrapping our new Christmas ornaments collected from our travels to hang on the tree. This year we added ornaments from New Jersey (Cape May and Princeton), the Disney Wish, Kentucky (Lexington and Louisville), Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Utah, Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, and North Carolina. After this photo I uncovered a few more!

These ornaments are just one of a thousand reasons why I so look forward to pulling out the Christmas bins each year!  We started collecting ornaments on our honeymoon in 2002 and this year had 20 years of memories hanging on the tree.

What do you collect on your travels?

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5 thoughts on “Celebrating Christmas 2022 {Ornament Trip Souvenirs}

  1. I am a big fan of collected ornaments too! Each year, it’s a joy to unwrap some of our ornaments and reminisce about the trip. Some of my ornaments though are ones I inherited from my great aunt who was an educator and world traveler. She went to every continent but Antarctica. However, some of the ornaments were ones her students made or gave her when she was teaching. There is one particular ornament I love putting on the tree every year that a student made for her. It’s a miniature blackboard and desk with a tiny globe on the desk. On the blackboard it has her name written.

    I see several ornaments you have from your trip to KY last year. We took the same trip last spring as well and I missed getting an ornament from Churchill Downs. I went through the gift shop too! The good news is we are planning on going to the races at Keeneland this April, so I have a second chance.

  2. My new boyfriend gave me a silver angel ornament in December 1976… who knew he would be giving me ornaments every year thereafter….the angel ornament is always the first on the tree each year!

  3. We love to collect a local cookbook when we are on holiday. I write in the dates we were there, along with memories from the trip. Through the years we have gotten creative with using them for our movie theme nights or just revisit fun memories through a meal.

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